Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mirror, Mirror

I've been watching with some interest the parallel universe of pro writers and their discussion boards and amateur writers and their discussion boards.

They are amazingly alike. Granted, pro-writers rant and warn against POD and Vanity presses and amateur writers have no real comparison unless it's an archive or LJ comm that people are warned to stay away from ( springs to mind), but in terms of writing extends to the comms themselves and not just individual writers.

Really, very little difference even to the levels of disparagement one group holds against the other. (Well, not exactly true since pro-writers seem to, at least on the boards I'm reading, hate amateur writers, particularly fan writers, with a level of linguistic verisimilitude and blood pressure raising hyperbole that I haven't seen outside of a floor debate in the House of Representatives.) But then, I, being the masochist and curiosity-killed-the-cat personality that I am, actively seek out the best vitriol.

But over all, they all worry about the same things: they worry about getting through their particular rough patch, they worry about audience reception, they are inordinately proud when people they admire (or even people they don't) say nice things about their work. They get their feelings hurt over bad reviews (no matter how philosophically they try to present themselves.) They have comparative reactions/weakness regarding genre competition and envy of people who are more popular/prolific than themselves.

I probably need to add more pro-writer comms to my listing so I can actively track this stuff.

Seriously, train wrecks! Now, with popcorn!


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