Monday, August 15, 2005

Resurrection of the Dead Horse and My Little Pony

Maybe that should be "Return of the Dead Horse" or "Revenge of the Dead Horse", because yes, through a series of not-at-all-connected posts by Mr. Goldberg, the minions of -- well, I'm not entirely sure who the minions belong to -- but the minions are at it again.

It's like watching a train wreck. No, actually, it's kind of like waiting for a train wreck. Statistically, you know it will happen -- that there isn't going to be any post that involves fan fiction that isn't going to devolve fairly rapidly from discussion to detente, from mildly interesting to a meta discussion brick wall.

But oh, the tidbits found along the way and this one just made my jaw drop and then I started laughing.

you have to read the whole thing though but in short, in a "discussion" about characterization and the mechanics or writing on Aug. 13th, one regular poster stated:

"How To Write Good" books are held in low esteem--to the point of outright ridicule--by many excellent, published, well-read writers. It may benefit the aspiring writer to consider, every once in a while, how much money is being made off her aspiration, and not her writing."

Which you know, is a comment worthy of investing at least some attention to, except that well, today, Mr. Goldberg announces the release of WGA's "Writing for Episodic TV -- From Freelancer to Showrunner" in PDF form and puts in a plug for his own 2003 release of "Successful Television Writing"

I'm sorry. I just think that's funny.

And I admit it, This time I succumbed to commenting, which was probably a mistake, although Mr. Wheeler was far more gracious than some of the other posters. Maybe he picked up some of that rough charm from all those westerns he writes.

Despite a few female posters who could count as regulars (who, you know, aren't setting themselves up to be derided and belittled) it's very much a good old boy's club. And here I always thought such progressive places as California (L.A.) and New York (N.Y.C.) had substantially fewer rednecks, frat boys, and provincial chauvinists than the deep south. Apparently not. I'll take the home grown ones though if I have to suffer them. At least they're more likely to win a bar fight and still be able to go to work the next morning. Just as long as I keep the beer cold.

Although, granted, the vocabulary is more varied on this particular board.

In the my Little Pony division, though, the Smart Bitches continue to delight and entertain me. A review of the Scott & Scott book "Hot Sauce" was up today, rating a B+, and it was fun to watch Sarah discover the fun and sexiness that is homoerotic romance. I've read "Spare Parts" by the same authors and while I found it t o be a little on the shallow side, it still was a quick, fun read, with some mildly provocative guy on guy action. Not quite the fully realized characters that Mel Keegan offers, with the extra complex plots, but fun nonetheless and the line is supposed to be within the "Romance" umbrella. Mel could certainly use their editor though. I adore Keegan's books, but really and truly, she/he needs an editor. They aren't horrific, but another set of eyes would benefit the overall continuity in most cases.


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